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Derby is our resident mascot.  She is not adoptable, she is a permanent resident at Braided Manes.  She has the important jobs.  She monitors and maintains the pastures and paddocks, she babysits the youngsters and keeps them in line, and she makes certain that the feeding schedule is strictly adhered too.

She was once a brood mare in Montana where she lost her left ear to frostbite.  She ended up in an auction and was purchased and brought to Washington by a kind woman who cared for her for 16 years.  When the kind woman passed away Braided Manes took over the care of Derby.  We made a promise that Derby would live out her life in the manner which she had become accustom.  She is doted on by our volunteers, she is in good health, and as long as no one asks her to actually do anything she is a happy camper.

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