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June, 2023

Mindy is a grey Shetland/Arab pony.  Approximately 14 years old.  About 12 hands high. She is blind in one eye and requires a little patience and understanding.  She was rescued from a property in Toledo in April 2022 and her eye was treated for infection, but her sight could not be restored.  She has been a pasture companion to various herd mates this last year as she was pregnant and a little cranky. She had a beautiful colt in February.  She is almost ready to move on to a permanent home.  She leads and loads well, she loves attention and treats, peppermint most of all.  She is up to date on vaccines and worming.  She will allow her front feet to be trimmed, we are still working on the back feet.  She does not like sprayers of any kind, hoses, fly spray, detangler.  She does not kick or bite, she just walks away.  

The mares that came in from this rescue had lost many babies.  They were all very cranky during pregnancy and very protective as mothers.  As the colt gets older and closer to weaning we are seeing some of her issues melt away.  She is friendly and seeks out human attention.  I was told that she has been ridden in the past, however, we have not attempted that yet.

Mindy may, one day, be a great friend for a small human.  But that would require a home with a lot of time and patience, and knowledgable training.   If you are that home, please contact us. Until then Mindy will go to school when her foal is weaned.


If you would like to contribute to Mindy’s care, ( $5 will buy her a bale of hay, $10 will buy her a bag of treats!) please hit the donate button, or send a check to the mailing address below.

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