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Eddie is a mystery.  He was born small and red, to Mindy and Pancho.  Mindy is a grey Shetland/Arab mare, Pancho is a red roan POA, apt 14.1 hands.  At 3 months Eddie started turning a beautiful chocolate brown.  His legs were white, but now they are turning dark.  And he has the cutest little mohawk! He had a growth spurt and is almost as tall as Mindy at 4 months.  He was born Feb 6th, gelded June 14th, and is in the process of being weaned by mom.  With plenty of good food and care he may end up being larger than Pancho.

He had little human contact until he was gelded in June, so he is still a little weary, but very curious.  He shares his mothers love of peppermints, and will allow some petting.  He will not be adoptable until he is fully weaned and haltered.  If you are interested please contact us, and come meet him.


If you would like to contribute to Eddie’s care, ( $5 will buy him a bale of hay, $10 will buy him a bag of treats, $30 buys a bag of grow grain) please hit the donate button, or send a check to the mailing address below.

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