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Hello, my name is Levi, I am a 24 year old mare and the mother of Nikki.  If you’ve read about Spooks and Nikki then you know the sad story of my family.  We had to leave the couple that loved us and cared for us for almost 20 years.  They were promised that the people who took us would take very good care of us and we would spend time helping kids at something called a therapeutic sanctuary.   That is not what happened.  We went to a place with a lot of other horses, very small stalls and very little food or water.  After a while someone came and took the bad people away.  Then a lot of other people came and took all the horses away.  A nice lady rescued my whole family and took us home for a while so we could eat and drink and feel much better.  We are all sound and healthy.  We have been given vaccines, and wormer, and have had our feet trimmed.  Now we are ready to find a forever home with someone we can love and trust.  Spooks gas found a loving home.  Nikki has gone off to school.

As for me, some years ago I had fun taking my owner for rides.  I could do that again.  I have raised my family and now I would like to find a permanent, loving home with someone I can trust to care for me properly.


Thank you for your consideration, 


Your friend, Levi

Update:  Levi has had a minor accident and has a broken nose.  She is under the care of a vet and is expected to make a full recovery.   She is rideable.

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