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Hi Folks!  My name is Gambino, I am a 21 year old Paint gelding and I am here with my mate, Flicka, and our daughter, Nikki.  For most of our lives we lived with a very nice couple who took very good care of us, but as we got older they did too.  Then they got sick and couldn’t care for us any longer.  We went to a place with way too many horses and not enough food or water.  Fortunately, we stayed together, until one day very nice lady came and took us to a safe place with plenty to eat and drink and lots of room to stretch our legs.  We were brought back to health and now it is time for us to find a forever home.

I would love for all three of us to be able to stay together as a family, but I understand that may not be possible.  So I hope, if you have read this far, that you can provide a good home for any of us.  For my part I will do my best to be a good friend and partner.  Perhaps with your help we could one day go on long rides and develop a strong bond of love and trust.





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